Specializing in a wide range of turn-key Utility, Excavation & Concrete Projects across Colorado since 2016.

ADEPT has quickly gained a reputation as a premier Colorado Utility, Excavation & Concrete Contractor., together we bring over 30 years of experience in the Utility, Excavation & Concrete industries. Our team of experienced and involved manager’s, superintendent’s, foreman and a highly skilled workforce. ADEPT possesses both the man power and the experience needed to deliver even the most technically challenging and complex Utility, Excavation & Concrete projects safely, on-time and within budget.


Our vertical concrete construction includes cast-in-place footings & walls, piers, grade beams, switch gear foundations, lift pump foundations, retaining walls, pole bases, pit and elevator pit walls.


We have a large slab pour capability, with superior FF & FL ability. flatwork including slabs on grade, elevated slabs, grain bin storage cone or chase pit bottoms, dairy, swine & feedlot feeder slabs, as well as shored & structural.


Right of Way Licensed in every municipality in the Colorado Front Range, we are your solution for sitework, curb ramps, stairs, patios, drive cuts, concrete paving, sidewalks, ADA ramps, stairs, large shipping yard paving, curb & gutter.


Adept’s slipforming capabilities include feedlot bunks, drainage pans, driveways, sidewalks, trails, curb & gutter.
Slipformed concrete is not just faster and more productive, but is stronger. Low-slump concrete is stronger than the high-slump concrete used in hand pouring. You get more production with the same number or fewer people, resulting in lower price & higher production.Low-slump, air-entrained concrete is more resistant to salt and slag deterioration.


ADEPT’s underground utility & excavation capabilities, allows us to minimize project complications & issues that come with collaboration with multiple subs.

  • Under Ground Utility Construction.
  • Under Ground Detention.
  • Leach Fields.
  • Pipeline.
  • Oil & Gas Tank Battery & Pad Excavation.
  • Road Building.
  • Complete Building & Site Demolition.
  • Mass Grading Operations.
  • Site Development Grading.
  • Deep Excavations.
  • Over Excavation.
  • Structural Excavation.
  • Fuel Excavation.
  • Aggregate’s Supply.
  • Trucking.


Some of the best companies that entrust Adept to meet their project needs